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What we're looking for

We believe some of the best recipes come from people who might never have dreamt of sharing them.

All of our products are made from recipes submitted by the British public, be they recipes passed down the generations or ideas they've come up with themselves. 

We already have some amazing recipes so we’re looking for new ones that complement the range. If you have something special you want to share, just fill in the very short form below.

If you have more than one recipe, we’d love to hear about them all.

We short-list submissions based on whether we think they'll fit the range. Either way, you'll hear from us within 7 days!

How it works

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do.

Your recipe will be launched under the Co-Created brand, and we’ll work together to:

• Optimise it for daily production by our bakers

• Create a written narrative that captures the story and inspiration behind it

• Bring this narrative to life through visual content

After this creation-phase, we take on all the responsibility of investment, production, supply chain, marketing and management in order to supply it daily to Britain’s cafes and delis.

Your recipe will always be credited to you and you’ll also benefit from our commission structure.

Our values

Co-Created is about community, not competition.

We focus on quality over quantity. We select just one recipe from each home baker.

Our approach to collaboration has been designed with fairness in mind. There’s no preferential treatment. We’re all in this together.

Unlike most food brands that engage in co-creation, we aren’t using collaboration to pretend we're listening. We really do listen. We stay true to your recipe, your idea and your story.

We’re building a collective of people with great food ideas, so we’ll do everything we can to make you feel part of something special.


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