Co-Created at TEDXLondon

"TEDxConfidence will shine new light on the extraordinary capacity of individuals to survive and thrive, celebrate those who have the self-belief to break the mould and ask big questions about the future of our societies and the planet."

In a time where technology is changing the pace of everything we do, Co-Created exists to slow things down a notch and to help each of us take time to do what humans do instinctively: come together over food.

We’re immensely proud to be supporting - and launching at! - TEDxLondon today (the most well-loved collective of events about storytelling and the sharing of experiences and ideas on the planet!)

To the attendees and generous volunteers, we hope you love Cina's Mud Cake (a cake passed down three generations) as much as we do.

As we write this, 1,500 are descending into Sadler’s Wells to hear the stories of 19 speakers. Every one of these people will have their own favourite foods and family recipes.

Diversity is part of London’s DNA, with over 300 languages spoken and 270 different nationalities. This variety of experience is something that we cherish.

We want to uncover the real stories behind the food we make at home, to appreciate the multitude and mix of cultures on our doorstep and to help people celebrate their personal stories.

Today, we're making a commitment to be a food brand that listens. That means going out and meeting new people to learn about them. It means uncovering hidden foodie treasures and real stories that will  show us we have more in common than what drives us apart.

Whilst we launched the new search for recipes at TEDxLondon today, anyone and everyone is welcome to get involved!