We believe some of the best recipes come from people who might never have dreamt of sharing them.

We find food treasures otherwise hidden in Britain’s homes and share them with the wider world.

Built entirely around co-creation, every cake or sweet-treat released in our range is made in partnership with real people, putting the very best of your recipes and ideas onto shop shelves.

Starting with a bakery range for cafes and delis, we've selected some outstanding recipes from home bakers that have powerful stories to match.

These co-creators aren't just contributors, we are working to make sure that their ideas and personality shine through everything we do - and that they share in the success of their recipe.

We want to build a community of people who, like us, see diversity (of people, food and experience) as one of our greatest treasures.

Want to get involved? Submit a recipe!

We’re on the hunt for the finest cake and pastry recipes; the enchanting ones that have been passed down through the generations, the ones you’ve mastered for your dinner parties and the ones you have whisked together with friends.

We are not accelerating food brands, rather creating opportunity for people who have a recipe that they may never of thought of sharing with the wider world.

We stay true to your recipe, your idea and your story. And, once selected, we take on all the responsibility of investment, production, supply chain, marketing and management in order to supply it daily to Britain’s cafes and delis.

You can find more information about submitting a recipe, the selection process and remuneration here.